Monday, 27 June 2016

Born Pretty Store review - Star nail vinyl

*Press Sample*

Hi all!

Today I've got a review of some Born Pretty Store nail vinyls for you!

  • Foxy Paws - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
  • Barry M - Gelly - GNP6 Prickly Pear
  • Barry M - Gelly - GNP46 Acai Smoothie
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Elemental Ward

I also used these Star nail vinyls (item 26139) from Born Pretty Store I was sent for review.

Base: 2 coats of Gimme!. I added a coat of Elemental Ward first and let it dry befoe placing the nail vinyls on my nails. Then I sponged on a gradient of the two Barry M's. Remove the vinyls while the polish is still dry and end with more Elemental Ward. For my accent nails I used the bits of vinyl that stay behind after you use the actual vinyl.

I really love how the holo peeks through.

These nail vinyls were easy to use, because they are in a circle and completely connected all around it's easier to place than the swirl ones were I tried. I also really like the design.

Born Pretty Store kindly gave me a discount code to share with you all! If you use code BBL91 you get 10% off your purchase! You can find their nail art products here! And they offer worldwide free shipping!

Love, Brethil

Friday, 24 June 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Coral & White

Hi all!

This week's colour prompt is Coral & White. My personal pattern is stamping.

  • Koh - 185 Coral!
  • SinfulColors - 101 Snow Me White
  • Barry M - Glitterati - GTNP1 Starlet
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Elemental Ward

I also used this stamping plate, BPL-029 from Born Pretty Store. Second image from the left on the top row.

Base: 2 coats of Coral!. I stamped using Snow Me White. I added a bit of Starlet to the centers of each flower and then sealed it all with Elemental Ward.

Love, Brethil

More coral and white down here!

Friday, 17 June 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Summer

Hi all!

Two weeks without posting.... oops. They flew by as well, it's been rather busy. Anyway, this week's prompt is Summer. So how about some mermaid nails?

  • Barry M - Gelly - GNP12 Green Berry
  • Barry M - Gelly - GNP5 Blueberry
  • Barry M - Gelly - GNP27 Damson
  • Barry M - Glitterati - GTNP5 VIP
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Elemental Ward

Base: 1 coat of Green Berry. I sponged on a gradient with all 3 cremes. Layer of top coat. After this was dried I added Scale (Mermaid) nail vinyls from Whats Up Nails. I sponged on VIP and removed the vinyl. More top coat to make it smooth.

Blue and greens and sparkles... what's not to love?

Love, Brethil

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