Sunday, 31 August 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Negative Space

Hi all!

This week's theme is Negative Space. This usually means you leave part of your nail naked (like I did here). But I looked at the words and thought... space... in negative. Now a negative of a photo throws the colours around, just like the old fashioned negatives of those film rolls used to be! Therefore, I present to you... space nails (aka galaxy) in negative!

Today's polishes:
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White
  • Rimmel - 711 Rain Rain Go Away
  • W7 - 28 Black

I tried to find a photo through google that was a negative of a space picture, but had no luck, so I just picked one (this one here), made a negative of it myself and used that as inspiration. Doesn't it look strange? White space with black stars? But it does work. I switched the colours on my mani as well, and if you ignore the funky blue fingers you can actually see a normal galaxy mani! I explicitly did not use a very colourful one, as that would just make it strange.

Base is Snow Me White, 2 coats. Then I mixed my Rain Rain Go Away with white to make it paler and dabbed it on with a tiny piece of make up sponge. I also mixed it with black to make it more grey and dabbed away. I dabbed carefully with my black polish as well. I used the pointy end of a needle/pin to make the tiny black dots and painted the bigger starts with a nail art brush. When it all dried I added top coat to seal it in.

Of course the next day a corner of my thumb nail snapped off while I was loading groceries into my car. Just my luck.

So, what do you think of this more literal version of negative space?

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

TARDIS in space

Hi all!

While I watched last week's Doctor Who episode with just LynBDesigns TARDIS on my nails, I did add two galaxy accent nails the day after. And today being the day of the second episode of this new season, it is the perfect day to show you!

Today's polishes:
  • LynBDesigns - Time And Relative Dimension In Space
  • Foxy Paws - LE - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (won in a Foxy Paws IG giveaway)
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White

Yesterday I showed you a swatch of TARDIS without top coat. This time I also added top coat to the nails without the galaxy on it. Galaxy accent nails were easy, dabbed some Gimme! and white on to my thumb and ring finger, added white dots and starts. I also added a mini Tardis on my ring finger nail. Right where it belongs (well the Tardis is also welcome to land in my back garden for a visit *winks*), in space!

Galaxies make me happy, they just look so cool! Can you see all the holo sparkle going on? You'll get a view of Gimme! all by it's pretty self on Monday!

Have you done galaxy nails before?



Friday, 29 August 2014

Swatch: LynBDesigns - Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Hi all!

First off, today is the hubby's birthday, yay! Happy birthday love! (not that he reads my blog, but heh). Tomorrow is another Saturday, and that means another Doctor Who episode! Yay! The new season with Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor started last week and I had to wear something on my nails for the occasion. I have several Doctor Who themed polishes, but most connect to a specific Doctor or villain. So there was really only one choice and that is this beauty by LynBDesigns. You can buy it in her Etsy store here.

Time And Relative Dimension In Space, or TARDIS for short is the name of the Doctor's timetravelling spaceship. From the outside it looks like a blue policebox and it is bigger on the inside.

This polish is a blue jelly packed with silver and blue microglitters. I am wearing 3 super easy coats without top coat in the photos. It dries very fast. I am used to a lot of polishes still being tacky after I finish giving all my 10 nails one coat. Not this time. This was dry to the touch after I finished one hand, and completely dry after doing both hands. This means I was able to quickly polish both my hands with 3 coats and do clean up well in time before Doctor Who started (which was roughly 30 to 40 minutes before it started!). I think I was done in 20 minutes or so. All photos are without top coat!

I can also report that it lasted (on the cinderella hand) for four days until the first chip. Normally I get my first chip after a day or two. So I'm one happy Dwarf! Do you own any Doctor Who inspired polishes?

*hugs* Brethil

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Purple

Hi all!

As you know, I love purples, so it wasn't that difficult to find some "oldies". Most of my older purples are very dark and vampy though. I had seen this pattern by Helen Dardik though (totally Marisa of Hey, Darling Polish's fault of pointing me to her blog) and it required some less vampy colours as well. KIKO came to the rescue, they were bought in July 2013 and therefore over a year old, yay!

The polishes:
  • KIKO - 331 Violet
  • KIKO - 378 - Light Plum
  • Miss Helen - 187
  • W7 - 28 Black
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White

My base is two coats of the dark purple. I mixed it with black to create an even darker purple to add dots all over my nails. It's not that obvious though *looks sad*. With a nail art brush I added the kitty heads with Violet and Light Plum. Eyes were done with Snow Me White and the dark purple, cheek dots with Violet mixed with white. I top coated after at least half an hour, but the dark purple still decided to bleed a little *grumbles*.

I have no idea why these kitty heads look blueish. I blame Blogger, the photos look fine in any other viewing programme, but for some reason it is blue in here.

It was fun doing these nails, such cuteness and yet not sweet.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday - August - Easy plaid

Hi all!

Today is the last Tuesday of this month, and I found the secret of combining these colours... use them sparingly *winks*. I liked last Saturday's easy plaid so much I decided to do it again today.

The last blue, yellow and red..:
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White
  • NYC - 325 Raindrop
  • China Glaze - 871 Lemon Fizz
  • Catrice - 25 Robert's Red Ford

White base is 2 coats of Snow Me White. Using my striping brush I added lines of the blue, yellow and red across my nails. I peruses on Instagram while it dried and added G&G HK Girl top coat. There's nothing more to it.

This is one of those mani's I surprisingly liked a lot more than I thought I would beforehand. I would love to hear your thoughts on these. Will you try this as well?

Check the others in the Inlinkz below!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - inspired by music - Sia & 1000 Forms of fear

Hi all!

This week we post our 'inspired by music' manis... well I have been absolutely addicted to Sia's voice lately. Of course I have heard songs of one of her many collaborations (Titanium, She Wolf, Wild Ones) on the radio, and I always loved her voice. I have a thing for voices, some just strike a chord with me and I get infatuated. A while ago I saw her video for Chandelier and I have been replaying it a lot. Her entire new album called "1000 Forms of Fear" is amazing. Now I normally always buy cd's, but I can't afford to buy this album right now (I will absolutely buy it once I can afford it), and I did find her entire album on youtube to listen to on repeat... As well as some previous albums.

Long intro short... my mani today is inspired by the album cover of 1000 Forms of Fear. For this album Sia decided not to use her face for promotion and is using a blonde bob as her trademark instead. Hence she will not appear in her own videos nor will she perform with her face facing any crowd.

The polishes I used:
  • W7 - 28 Black
  • Essence - LE Love Letters - 05 Inkheart
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White
  • Catrice - LE NEONaturals - C05 Have A Good Day
  • Catrice - LE Candy Shock - C04 Vanilla Love

I started with a black base. Using a piece of sponge, I dabbed some Inkheart over it to give it more depth like in the actual album cover. With a nail art brush I added the blonde wig with white and then used some grey and yellow to accent it. I also added the title of the album on my thumb and the artist's name on my index finger. As always I topcoated it with G&G HK Girl.

I hope you've enjoyed this, I liked doing something completely different, as always!

And the video Chandelier for your viewing pleasure. Great dancing by Maddie Ziegler in the blonde bob.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Simple plaid

Hi all!

Yesterday I showed you OPI's Stir-Fried Eggplant. I wore this for a day and a half alone, before I added some accent nails.

Polishes I used:
  • OPI - NL 926 Stir-fried Eggplant
  • Essence - LE Superheroes -  05 Wonder Wow! Man!
  • Essence - LE Tribal Summer - 01 WAKA-WAKA

My base was 2 coats of Stir-fried Eggplant I wore for about 36-38 hours already, hence the tip wear. I wanted to use this week's Simples watercolour base, but it didn't show up well on this dark base. So I'll revisit that another time. But I did "water" down a drop of the gold and pink polish with some acetone and swiped it across my thumb and ringfingernails. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had remembered seeing the still image for the Catrice LE Check & Tweed nail art tutorial. I didn't watch the video before I did these, but it is similar. I used my thin striping brush to paint partial stripes across my nails, first in pink, then in gold. I applied G&G HK Girl top coat first, then mattified it after to prevent dragging.

I do think that the watercoloured smears make this more interesting.

These accent nails were very easy to do, the longest was waiting for it to dry to add the top coat and matte coat. I liked this type of design so much, I did it again for next week... for a sneak peak look here.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Swatch: OPI - Stir-Fried Eggplant

Hi all!

A few weeks ago I bought 3 OPI's at Big Bazar for €10 (normally they cost around €12 per bottle here, nearly twice as much as their US price). Great bargain. My local Big Bazar mostly had NOPI's and only a few actualy OPI's when I was there. I've shown you the two green ones a few weeks ago, today I'll show you the third one I bought. Again this is a "mystery OPI" and a confirmed dupe of NOPI Smile For The Glam-era. For a list and more info, visit beautygeeks.

I don't swatch a lot, mostly because a lot of the polishes I own have been swatched lots of times before by others. This version in the OPI bottle hasn't however and it can be found on a couple of online stores if you do a quick google search.

The label is slightly different than normal, for a comparison, look here.

I am wearing 2 easy coats. It applied lovely, first coat was a bit patchy, but the second coat smoothed it all out as you can see. I am wearing a coat of G&G HK Girl top coat on top. In the bottle you can see it has gold shimmer, but it does not appear very gold on the nail to me. If it's sunken in a bit it gets covered by the polish itself, a lovely dark aubergine, and appears more magenta to me.

This might not be a very suitable polish for August, but with the rain we've had this week it feels like autumn already. I do love a vampy purple!

I took a picture in direct light to show you the magenta shimmering, it makes this polish very pretty.

Have you seen this beauty around? What do you think?