Wednesday, 31 December 2014

N.A.I.L. - December - New Year's Eve

Hi all!

This is what I'm wearing for New Year's Eve! Having less time with my new job, I painted my nails with my base on Monday evening... but of course I lost the polish on my index fingernail by the time I got home from work on Tuesday. With lost I mean it lifts and just pops off. This always happens with my index nails. This usually happens after 1-2 days, which is highly annoying. It's probably my base coat's fault. I normally use Glisten&Glow's Stuck on Blu! base coat, but this time I'm wearing NYC Strip me off base coat. So, index accent nails it is.

The polishes:

And I used Vivid Lacquer's VL015 stamping plate as well.

On all nails except my index fingernails I'm wearing two coats of Why Is There a "G" in Night. This is a black jelly with holo glitters. On my index fingernails I'm wearing two coats of Push and Shove. I have wanted to do something with nail foil for a long time. Nail foils are one of those things I wanted but just never bought. I have some nail foil now, which I won in a giveaway, but no special foil glue. A while ago I came across a technique where you "stamp" with foils on Lacquer or Leave Her's blog. She in turn was inspired by this youtube video. As always I used my cinderella hand as my guinea pig. First discovery: not all stamping polishes work and will have the foil stick to them. I ended up using this old black polish I got from my sis-in-law (she was clearing out stuff and I got the polishes she would have chucked away, it is stinky and unsuitable for normal use). I think it worked because it is not a fast drying polish. So I stamped with the stinky black, pressed my nail foil on top and removed it to see foil fireworks. I did top coat everything with Elemental Ward, because I did this last night and needed it to last. And yes, it did dull it a bit.

Also, fewer photos because of time constraints and crappy photos taken by moi.

I do like how this turned out and do want to play with stamping and foils more! Have you used nail foil in a mani before? Let me know!

I wish you all a great evening and all the best for 2015! *hugs*

Love, Brethil

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  1. How pretty for New Year's Eve!

  2. These look awesome!! I like the sparkles!

    1. I think sparkles are a necessity when it comes to New Year's ;)

  3. Wow, that base is awesome! Is that just the two coats or did you layer it over a black creme?

    1. Just the two coats, no undies! Coverage is great!