Monday, 20 April 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents: 3rd Anniversary recreations - Geometric

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Hi all!

It helps if I actually write this blog post instead of letting it linger as a draft... anyways, my second mani for this anniversary month! Inspiration from Hey, Darling Polish!. Marisa did this mani for NCC's September 2014 Geometric month.

All indies today:
  • I Love Nail Polish - 1st And 15th
  • I Love Nail Polish - Princess Diaries
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Dark Matter
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Elemental Ward

I started with one coat of Princess Diaries and then sponged on my gradient of both holos. After this dried I added the striped triangles with a nail art brush sent to me for review. The brush I used is a Born Pretty Store brush, item 18519.

In the picture down below I've compared the brush I used today with a few others. Up top is the brush I used, it has a lovely pink handle and cap, so you can store it without getting the bristles damaged. The handle is filled with "crystals" that give a nice effect. In comparison with the brush I normally use (like the bottom one, which is the same as the one directly above it, only cut down to a few bristles) brush 18519 is slightly longer, but not as long as a striping brush. This is a good thing, because I often find striping brushes too long to use for anything other than long stripes. It's also smaller without having too few bristles that can't hold any polish. Be aware that I haven't used acrylic paints at all (do not own them), so my experiences with brushes is always using them with nail polish. I'm pretty happy with this brush and I foresee it being my go to brush for now. The second BPS brush you see is one I'll review soon as well!

And lastly, some holo sparkles!

I really loved wearing this mani, geometric designs rock!

Born Pretty Store kindly gave me a discount code to share with you all! If you use code BBL91 you get 10% off your purchase! You can find their nail art products here! And they offer worldwide free shipping!

Love, Brethil

More recreations down here!


  1. amazing nail art, I really love a background for your design- cute!

  2. The holo gradient underneath is just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, I wasn't sure about the colour combination at first, but it turned out lovely

  3. These look amazing! I'm so honored that you chose one of my designs<3

    1. :) Honestly, I could have done this entire month with recreations of your designs... but I decided to choose 4 different bloggers instead.

  4. The polish combination you made for the base has that WOW effect, and I like the pattern you painted on it. I need the BPS 18519 brush in my life!

    1. Thank you, the brush is lovely, you should absolutely get it!