Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Swatches: Aliquid Lacquer - Corpse de Ballet & Gargoyle

Hi all!

I bought my first Aliquid Lacquer's last month as a birthday present to myself. I'll be showing you two today: Corpse de Ballet and Gargoyle.

Corpse de Ballet is described as: Ballerina pink with white and black/purple flecks and green shimmer. 

What you see is 2 coats, can't remember if I top coated or not (probably not looking at the photos). Formula is lovely, self-leveling. I'm not usually into pastel pinks, but I do love this one. I blame the flecks.

Gargoyle is described as: A medium grey creme with white flakes and smaller gunmetal, gold and copper flecks.

What you see is 2 coats and top coat (Elemental Ward). Formula is similar to Corpse de Ballet. This is such an interesting grey, I really love the copper flecks in it.

Do you own any Aliquid Lacquer's? If not, you can get some in the Aliquid shop. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter, I got a lovely discount coupon around my birthday fyi.

Love, Brethil

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