Friday, 9 June 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Water

Hi all!

Today's theme is Water. I went with a polish that has a water related name and a stamping image that reminds me of seaweed. I do tend to lean to easy nail art during weekdays when I've got little time, like stamping.

  • KIKO - Sugar Mat -  644 Sea Blue
  • Kaleidoscope - Stamping 06 Mint
  • Kaleidoscope - Stamping 17 Turquoise
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Elemental Ward

I also used a Born Pretty Store stamping plate, plate BPL-026.

Base: 2 coats of Sea Blue, this is a textured polish, I did add a layer of Elemental Ward before stamping though. I then double stamped with the Mint and Turquoise stamping polish and ended with more Elemental Ward to smooth it all out.

I love this colour combination! What do you think?

Love, Brethil

More water related nails down here!

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