Sunday, 8 March 2015

Born Pretty Store Review - Road map water decals

*Press sample*

Hi all!

This mani has been sitting in a folder for over a month... Anyway, Born Pretty Store sent me a big sheet with different "stamp edged" road map water decals. It has 11 different ones in one big sheet, pretty good deal if you ask me. I put a different one than I actually used next to the bottles to show the size of each "stamp". For my mani I used about half of one of them.

From left to right:
  • Catrice - 56 Minter Wonderland
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Elemental Ward
  • Born Pretty Store - Road map water decals item 17415 *press sample*

My base is two coats of Minter Wonderland. After it dried I cut up pieces of the water decals and let them soak in some water for 15-20 seconds. Using tweezers I placed them on my nails, dabbed a tissue to remove any water and sealed them in with Elemental Ward.

Having  very curved nails, full nail water decal usage is more difficult, I did get a few minor creases near the sides, although it's not that obvious in the photo.

Bonus cinderella hand photo! Water decals are easy to use on both hands. I really enjoyed wearing this as well.

Born Pretty Store kindly gave me a discount code to share with you all! If you use code BBL91 you get 10% off your purchase! You can find their nail art products here! And they offer worldwide free shipping!

Love, Brethil


  1. Very interesting decal pattern, I have n ever seen such ones!