Friday, 2 October 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hobbies

Hi all!

Today is the start of a new nail art challenge! Over the past year I have participated in the 52 week pick n mix challenge (well, not each week) and last week was the last one. This challenge is replaced by the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge! Some of the Nail Tarts are joining in every other week, others, like me, will be doing it weekly. The themes with colours also come with a personal pattern prompt. So while the colour (like next week's teal prompt) will be the same for everyone, we also have a personal pattern prompt. But today the prompt is simply Hobbies. What better hobby than doing my nails, eh?

Polishes part 1:
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White
  • Sinful Colors - 1103 Island Coral
  • Barry M - Gelly - GNP15 Guava
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Dark Matter
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Elemental Ward (top coat)

Polishes part 2:
  • Catrice - 81 My Yellow Fellow
  • Catrice - 65 Be My Violetine
  • Catrice - 11 Miss Piggy's BF
  • Catrice - 47 Orango Bloom
  • Essence - 114 fame fatal

And stamping plate BM-619 from Bundle Monster.

Base: 2 coats of Snow Me White. I made stamping decals beforehand, but the image wasn't that nicely edged and the thin lines of the polish bottles didn't stamp that well. To hide some ugly bubbling because I applied the decals before the base was hardened I added a few brushstrokes. I planned to use those for some nails anyway.

I kind of like the effect of the brushstrokes on top of the stamping decal.

Playing with colour and polishes is fun! Stay tuned for teal next week!

Love, Brethil

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