Friday, 8 November 2013

33DC2013 Day 21 - Europe

Europe. It's where I live. It's a moon. It's a female name for several ladies from Greek mythology. It's also a band famous for one particular song: The Final Countdown. It is one of my favourite songs from my youth, I clearly remember this being a huge hit way back in 1986. Ages ago... yes, it shows my age. The song is awesome. Anyway, press play on the video below while you browse this post. If you can look away from the long-haired hunks of course *winks*.

I forgot a bottle shot... I used Catrice 900 Steel My Heart (old collection) I picked up for €1 when the new collection launched. I bought lots of Catrice polishes at that time, some in similar colours and I had not actually worn this yet. It is a brushed metal effect.. aka it dries matte. It contains holographic shimmer, I had not noticed that before and it is actually stunning with top coat. I also used Barry M's nail art pen in silver.

The first two pictures are without flash. It represents the final countdown, counting down... 3... 2... 1... 0! On my thumb I wrote Europe in Greek. It has been since my school days since I actually wrote in the greek alphabet (we had Latin and ancient Greek at school, loved Greek the most, all that mythology).

All the next pictures are taken with flash on purpose. I can't do this polish justice without. There is no sunshine to be seen over here in NL (rain, rain and more rain) unfortunately.

You can see impatient me did not wait long enough for the polish to dry before writing on it... *whistles innocently*

It's a rather simple manicure, but that's what happens when you spend too long thinking what to do for the prompt and find there's barely time to actually do the manicure before sleep calls *winks*
Also publishing early because tomorrow (today) after work I'll be having a fancy dinner in an actual 2 Michelin starred restaurant *squeeeeels*. It's officially friday here, so it is allowed *nods*.

I wonder how many manicures are not based on Europe as a continent or one of it's countries.... Check the other ladies down here!


  1. Wow, great idea;) Different than others:)
    Love that song! And your nails, of course.