Wednesday, 27 November 2013

33DC2013 Day 29 - your favourite pattern

Today's prompt should be about my favourite pattern. I can't really say I have a favourite pattern though. In the end I did a simple mani with two of my favourite things: textured polishes and dots.

The two polishes I used:

  • KIKO Sugar Mat - 644 Sea Blue
  • Seventeen Rock Hard Couture - Cameo Crush

I have lemminged over Cameo Crush since I first saw a swatch here. It was on my wishlist when I went to London last month and I was happy to find a bottle. And it is gorgeous!

I am wearing two coats of both polishes on each nail. Both dry textured with a shimmer, though Cameo Crush's shimmer is way more apparent. When it was dry I simply added dots with a dotting tool and voilĂ !

It felt like forever since I last wore a textured polish... it must have been a month at least! I don't have a clue yet what I'll do for this Friday's manicure, but you'll see!

Perhaps the other ladies have actual favourite patterns they used today!


  1. These colors are so pretty and the shimmer in Cameo Crush is gorgeous! These nails are super cute, nice job! (:

    1. :) Thanks! I really missed wearing textured polish. Must wear some again soon!