Thursday, 17 September 2015

Lucky 13 Lacquer Swatches - Cookie Cat, Poof & Bubble, I Want to Inspire You, You Can't Rave in A Raincoat

Hi all!

Recently Kyoti from Lucky 13 Lacquer released a new collection called We Are The Crystal Gems. This collection is inspired by a cartoon called Steven Universe. I personally never heard of this cartoon before, but then again, I barely watch tv. Being part of the Lucky 13 Lacqueristas Facebook group I could pre-order this collection, I bought 4. Be prepared for lots of photos!

Cookie Cat: White crelly base with fine light pink holo hex, fine and medium chocolate brown hex, and large chocolate brown kitty cat face glitters.

Inspired by the Cookie Cat ice cream sandwiches from Steven Universe.

What you see is 3 coats of Cookie Cat topped with Elemental Ward. The cat glitter is rather thick and heavy, so you do need to fish for them. This is not a bad thing because you can avoid them easily for your first and second coat.

I have a thing for white crellies, and this one is so lovely, that pink makes it look so fresh!

Poof & Bubble: Medium pink jelly base with fine light pink and light purple holo hex and a ton of silver holo, light purple holo, and light pink holo dots in all sizes.

Inspired by the Crystal Gems "poof and bubble"ing gem shards in Steven Universe.

What you see is 3 coats of Poof & Bubble topped with Elemental Ward. You all know I don't wear pink polish a lot. I do make an exception for bright pinks. When I saw this polish with all those circle glitters I knew I had to have it. Those circle glitters and the squishyness did the trick.

The splash of purple glitters make this an interesting polish. And of course those huge circles.

I Want to Inspire You: Minty-leaning teal base with green shimmer, turquoise holo squares, a hint of fine baby pink hex, fine and medium yellow hex, large pearly white dots, and mini yellow stars.

Inspired by Pearl from Steven Universe.

What you see is 3 coats of I Want to Inspire You topped with Elemental Ward. I absolutely love this colour, it's a mermaid green and that shimmer is lovely. Plus tiny stars that barely stick out because they are so tiny cute. After top coat I couldn't feel any stars sticking out at all.

All the great glitter shapes in one polish! Hexes, Stars, Circles and Squares!

You Can't Rave in A Raincoat: Stormy-skies blue crelly base with a mess of neon glitters. These glitters are blacklight reactive!

Inspired by Sour Cream from Steven Universe from the episode "Joy Ride".

What you see is 2 coats of You Can't Rave in A Raincoat topped with Elemental Ward. As a note: this is a limited edition polish, only available in September! So grab it while it's there!

Love this greyish blue with neon and red. I think the red makes this stand out more than all those neon glitters out there.

So, those were my picks from the We Are The Crystal Gems collection. This is a huge collection, but my wallet is limited, so I had to choose. I'm happy with my selection, what do you think of these? Will you be adding some Lucky 13's to your stash?

Love, Brethil


  1. Great swatches! They all look really good.

  2. Unbelievable nail polishes! I want them all! Your manicure looks like those made at luxurious nail and spa salons. I like "Cookie Cat" and "You Can't Rave in A Raincoat" the most.