Friday, 18 March 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - 3 Shades of Green

Hi all!

Another week with a double prompt. The general prompt is all about 3 shades of green and my personal one is a reciprocal gradient. My first one!

  • Catrice - 11 Miss Piggy's BF
  • Catrice - 10 I'm Not A Greenager
  • Essence - 160 deap sea, baby
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Elemental Ward
  • Kaleidoscope by El Coraz√≥n - Cuticle Defender

Base: one coat of Miss Piggy's BF. I protected the skin around my nail with Cuticle Defender (liquid latex type product) and started sponging the gradient. I added a coat of Elemental Ward and let it dry. Then I added some silver zigzag tape (item 23383) by Born Pretty Store and sponged the gradient only in the center in the other direction. Removed tape, more Elemental Ward and clean up and done.

I really liked the effect, but doing double gradients is a lot of work timewise.

Love, Brethil

Check out more shades of green down here!


  1. Nice all green design on the nails here.

  2. It went out gorgeous, I like the design a lot.

  3. It might take long to do but the result is so freaking gorgeous!! I've never done a reciprocal gradient myself, and I'll do my first for this challenge too