Sunday, 26 February 2017

Some random Lucky 13 Lacquer swatches

Hi all!

I was browsing through my vault and found a couple of swatch photos I haven't posted yet, these are all Lucky 13 Lacquers.

First off is Accio Lacquer. A polish created together with Accio Lacquer blogger Misha who is sadly not actively blogging anymore. She was one of my favourite bloggers though. Anyway, this is two coats and Elemental Ward top coat you see here.

Accio Lacquer is a lovely taupe with gold and red micro flakes.

Next is Pi-Curious, I can't remember if this was 2 or 3 coats though, I'm sorry. Also including Elemental Ward top coat.

Pi-Curious is a purple jelly with flakes and blue and magenta micro glitters.

The last swatch is for If Convenient, Come All the Same. This is two coats and Elemental Ward top coat.

If Convenient is a purple jelly with an assortment of glitters, including large circle glitters. I just love the depth.

I hope you like this odd collection of swatches!

Love, Brethil

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