Saturday, 30 August 2014

TARDIS in space

Hi all!

While I watched last week's Doctor Who episode with just LynBDesigns TARDIS on my nails, I did add two galaxy accent nails the day after. And today being the day of the second episode of this new season, it is the perfect day to show you!

Today's polishes:
  • LynBDesigns - Time And Relative Dimension In Space
  • Foxy Paws - LE - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (won in a Foxy Paws IG giveaway)
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White

Yesterday I showed you a swatch of TARDIS without top coat. This time I also added top coat to the nails without the galaxy on it. Galaxy accent nails were easy, dabbed some Gimme! and white on to my thumb and ring finger, added white dots and starts. I also added a mini Tardis on my ring finger nail. Right where it belongs (well the Tardis is also welcome to land in my back garden for a visit *winks*), in space!

Galaxies make me happy, they just look so cool! Can you see all the holo sparkle going on? You'll get a view of Gimme! all by it's pretty self on Monday!

Have you done galaxy nails before?




  1. Die galaxy nails zijn echt heel erg gaaf geworden! Maar dit is er dan ook een ideale basis voor.

    1. Dank je! Inderdaad een ideale basis voor galaxy nails, maar ook mooi zonder iets ;)

  2. These are beautiful! I love that polish!

  3. The polish is gorgeous, but your galaxy nail art is outstanding! wow, I have tried galaxy nails once, but it didn't came out as I expected, I should give it anouther try!

    1. Thanks! I find galaxy nails easy, it is basically just dabbing away with a piece of sponge. I do try to cut a very tiny piece, hold it with tweezers and then just dab carefully. You should definitely try it again!

  4. Gosh that polish is beautiful. I adore your galaxy! Looks phenomenal

  5. This is so amazing!! I love the galaxy, what a great base color!