Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays - August - Mondriaan-esque

Hi all!

Another Tuesday in August... with another blue, yellow and red mani. I've done a not so original thing, as it's been done by many others before: a mani inspired by Piet Mondriaan (us Dutchies will continue to use the original spelling of his name). I have done a mani inspired by Theo van Doesburg before in February and I deliberately did not choose Mondriaan at the time. But this month's colours scream Mondriaan... so I caved. I did not copy a specific painting, hence they are just inspired by his many compositions in blue, yellow and red.

This week's polishes...
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White
  • Catrice - 400 Blue Cara Ciao
  • Catrice - LE Glamazona - C04 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum
  • Miss Helen - 24
  • Barry M - Nail Art Pen Black

I started with a white base, 2 coats. Next I used my nail art pen to create the different rectangles. With a flat nail art brush I filled some of them with red, yellow or blue. After this dried I traced the black lines once again. I sealed it with a coat of G&G HK Girl top coat before applying a matte top coat.

Obviously my lines are not straight, but I don't care. I got compliments on them in the waiting room of the dentist this morning while the right side of my face got numb from a few anaesthetic shots. The joys of having fillings replaced after 25 years of service or so.

I really liked wearing this mani, even after having hesitations to do them, and they were a bright thing in my not so great day, so a win from my point of view. Hopefully my molars will stop hurting soon!