Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays - August - Watermarble

Hi all!

For those of you following me on Instagram and seeing my taped up fingers yesterday... indeed a watermarble was attempted again. Warning: it is still not my forte, I am learning... slowly. Also, even being on a no buy, I did snag Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue (old version) when I saw it at Big Bazar for € 1,99. Had to see for myself what the fuss was about (for those unknowing: SH released a new version of this polish, completely different under the same name, Essence does that as well, very annoying. Just rename it!).

From left to right:
  • Catrice - LE Glamazona - C03 I'm A Survivor
  • Catrice - LE Glamazona - C04 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum
  • Sally Hansen - 4860-33 Pacific Blue
  • China Glaze - 551 Fairy Dust

I started with a white base (not included in the bottle shot as it is not visible in my mani). I used tap water at room temperature in a plastic cup to drip my polishes in. I used a toothpick to drag some random patterns. Next time I will try a needle. I dipped my fingers in, let them dry before adding a coat of Fairy Dust. Then came cleaning up time, which I didn't do that well, but I honestly didn't see the blue dot on my ring finger, I swear!

Because of my lack of marbling skill the polishes mixed a bit turning into purple...

I'm pretty pleased with these, considering this is my third (I think) try at watermarble.

More primary colours down here!