Sunday, 20 April 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Gothic

Hi all!

Today's theme is Gothic, and I didn't have time to prepare this. I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair (Elfia) at Haarzuilens yesterday and I spent last week working on my outfit a lot. I loved the mani I did for yesterday, and I'll show you someday (will see if I can find a challenge prompt to fit them into). So for today I had to do something in a hurry, even if I am taking forever on writing this post. I blame grav3yardgirl, I adore her vids, she's so funny. I went with stamping, because it's easy and I wanted to use my new PUEEN Buffet stamping set (finally arrived last Thursday).

Today's polishes:

And I used PUEEN 73 from the Stamping Buffet set as well.

My base is two coats of Black, next I stamped with the swirly pattern on the left top side of the stamping plate and Metallic Violet. The second time I stamped I used Gold and the finer swirly pattern on the right side of the plate. These patterns are gothic like to me, but in hindsight I feel I should have used a different purple or more magenta. I still like it anyway.

I love this PUEEN set... I want to use it for each mani! I won't... but I'm tempted... Oh and if you're wondering, yes I did shorten (some) of my nails a tiny bit. I have very curved nails and my pinky nail was getting so long and too curved and narrow. It was driving me nuts. They seem more even now, so I like them like this.

More gothic mani's down below in the pretty Inlinkz collection! Go check them out!


  1. this is a really nice mani and the patterns great for this theme good job xx

  2. I love this, the colors are awesome and your stamping is fantastic! (:

  3. Your stamping is amazing <3 I've been wanting to get these plates since they came out... not helping with my restraint!

    And I think the colors you went with worked great with the pattern

    1. I wanted this set since it came out as well, and then I had to wait for them to arrive... who knew if you ordered it from USA it would be shipped from China via Sweden? ;)