Saturday, 12 April 2014

Swatch: I Love Nail Polish - MEGA versus Catrice - Holomania - Holo Manolo

Hi all!

Today I have a swatch for you... and a bit of a comparison. I have all the Catrice Holomania polishes, I have swatched them all, but just never got round to editing photos and posting them. So I decided to show you the difference between Holo Manolo and MEGA. First, Holo Manolo.

Holo Manolo is a silver holographic polish, it is quite opaque, but I am wearing 2 coats for the photos. As you can see, there is a linear holo effect hiding in there somewhere. But even in direct light, it's not extreme at all. Still it's pretty, with a soft rainbow.

Next up is MEGA... I may have gone overboard with the photos, so enjoy!

Meet MEGA, also a silvery holo polish which is just spectraflair on steroids. This is 3 coats to hide any visible nail line. But look at the rainbows... in indirect light! They're more obvious than Holo Manolo's rainbow in direct light...

And then bam... you hit direct light (or sunlight) and this polish goes insane. It is called MEGA for a reason. And I looooooooooooooove this! Just look at all the colours!

Isn't this gorgeous? As you can tell I love super bendy rainbowy holos... which type do you prefer? Holo Manolo or MEGA? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I LOVE Mega! Deffo my new fave holo polish. I've actually worn it more than once this month and as a nail blogger you know that says something!

    1. *nods* MEGA is awesomesauce. I need to wear it again soon... I've actually worn Holo Manolo more often, mostly because I felt I could use it better as a base for nail art (well for the purpose I needed it for).