Saturday, 12 July 2014

Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux - 3D

Hi all!

During the month of July the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux (OMD2) Nail Art Challenge is hosted by Brijit from Brijits Digits, Jacqui from Craftynail, Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Lindsay from Nail That Accent!. There are awesome prizes to be won just for joining up, no judging or voting involved! For more information how to enter read this page.

Today's theme is 3D... you probably know I'm not that fond of a lot of 3D stuff like fimo or nail charms. I do like studs however, because they lie flat and don't want to make me pick it off. So I used studs for today, but inspired by Gnarly Gnails sheet metal mani I used them underneath the polish. 

From left to right:
  • China Glaze - 1300 Grass Is Lime Greener
  • China Glaze - 1290 Thistle Do Nicely
  • OPI - NL G30 Push and Shove

I'm wearing 2 coats of Grass Is Lime Greener on my index and middle finger and 2 coats of Thistle Do Nicely on my little finger and HK Girl top coat to make it shiny. My thumb and ring finger are the 3D part of this mani. I placed some studs on top of my base coat. I then used the OPI Lay Down That Base on top before I added Push and Shove. With a small nail art brush I gave the flowers a tiny bit of colour, I didn't want to colour them completely, so they're just some strokes. I did not add top coat to those nails.

The flower on my thumb was my guinea pig nail. When that looked reasonably alright, I made a flower with leaves on my ring finger, which I like better.

Also, I fully expected the Push and Shove nails to chip first, but that honour goes to my ring and middle finger. I didn't wrap the underside of my free edge completely, so one shower was enough to have half of the polish pop right off. This is normal behaviour for any polish by the way on those nails after a shower.

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