Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux - National Pride

Hi all!

During the month of July the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux (OMD2) Nail Art Challenge is hosted by Brijit from Brijits Digits, Jacqui from Craftynail, Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Lindsay from Nail That Accent!. There are awesome prizes to be won just for joining up, no judging or voting involved! For more information how to enter read this page.

Today's prompt, National Pride, is not up my alley at all. I'm Dutch in case you didn't know yet. I have no desires to flaunt with my nationality much and wasn't that inspired by it. I'm too down to earth for all that. So what do you do when you have no clue what to do? A skittlette! I used our flag's colours (which is red, white and blue like several other nations *winks*) and orange, because that is the national colour really. Our royals are from the house of Orange and orange is the colour our sports teams use.

Today's polishes:
  • Catrice - 04 Orange-Utan
  • Catrice - LE Glamazona - C03 I'm A Survivor
  • Catrice - 400 Blue Cara Ciao
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White

For all my nails I used 3 coats of Orange-Utan as my base. I did a waterfall (original idea by The Nailasaurus) on my thumb and little finger. Some random dotting on my index finger and leopard print on the middle and ring finger.

Personally I like the waterfall nails best.

Tomorrow I have a mani for you I personally like a lot better *winks*. And I'm skipping Tri Polish Tuesday... I'll join again next week!

Curious what others did with this prompt? Check them down here!


  1. This is so pretty! Did you matte the orange base? It looks awesome!

    1. I'm glad you like it! And no, I didn't matte the orange base, I try to not get too much reflection going on, so it might appear not so shiny sometimes.

  2. These are fun! I'm glad I'm not the only one who wasn't really feeling the whole country pride haha (: