Friday, 4 July 2014

Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux - Bright

Hi all!

During the month of July the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux (OMD2) Nail Art Challenge is hosted by Brijit from Brijits Digits, Jacqui from Craftynail, Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Lindsay from Nail That Accent!. There are awesome prizes to be won just for joining up, no judging or voting involved! For more information how to enter read this page.

Warning... do not adjust your screens. It's not malfunctioning. It is the extremely bright polish. You might want to wear your sunglasses, just in case! *winks*

Today's polishes:
  • China Glaze - 1290 Thistle Do Nicely
  • China Glaze - 1300 Grass Is Lime Greener
  • W7 - 28 Black

These photos are not colour corrected. And this is basically how it looks in real life. I doubt it could get any brighter than this *winks*. I am wearing two coats of Thistle Do Nicely. It's a finicky polish, I recommend to apply it fast in 3 strokes only, otherwise you'll just drag it right off again. It dries up with a satin finish, but you're seeing it with HK Girl top coat for the shine (and to make sure I did not wake up this morning with sheet marks on my nails). I added dots on my thumb and ring finger with Grass Is Lime Greener and Black, top coated it and I was done.

Doesn't it make me look tanned? I'm not very pale, but I do not go around sunbathing either. I seriously think this is the best summer polish I own! Thistle Do Nicely is from the City Flourish collection just like Grass Is Lime Greener (and Petal To The Metal). I bought it from Enchantra last Sunday when they had a daily sale of 50% off China Glaze because of the World Cup Game (which the Dutch team won).

This mani makes me so happy! Mostly because of Thistle... It is absolutely awesomesauce!

Inlinkz of more brightness below!


  1. Woah, Thistle is amazing! I would love to see it compared to Pool Party!

    1. I don't own Pool Party, so I can't compare it myself :(

  2. Gorgeous colors you used

  3. I love the dots over the bright pink! These are awesome!