Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux - Glitter Placement

Hi all!

During the month of July the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux (OMD2) Nail Art Challenge is hosted by Brijit from Brijits Digits, Jacqui from Craftynail, Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Lindsay from Nail That Accent!. There are awesome prizes to be won just for joining up, no judging or voting involved! For more information how to enter read this page.

For today we had to do some glitter placement. I do have a bunch of hex glitters, but most are those semi translucent kinds unfortunately (on eBay you often get a random selection). A few are solid metallic though, and I went for an unusual colour combination.

From left to right:
  • China Glaze - 1077 Call of the Wild
  • Catrice - LE Million Styles - C04 Shake It! Flake It!
  • Hex glitters in black, brown and gold

I finally own a lovely deep chocolate brown polish, yay! And it fits perfectly for today. I used 2 coats as my base. On my index, middle and litte finger I simply added one coat of Shake It! Flake It! It is so gorgeous, I seriously want more flakies like this in all sorts of colours! This Catrice LE came out over 2 years ago, just when my nail polish addiction slowly started to form. I had no idea this was a LE and therefore only managed to get this polish (the best one I think). Lesson learnt: do not wait a few days to think about a LE purchase! If you seriously want this polish, I have spotted this beauty on German Amazon, for €9,95 (well over 3x the original price).

On my ring finger and thumb I placed glitter on top of wet top coat (slower drying one). I just went with a chevron pattern alternating the colours. I had to finish it off with 2 coats of G&G HK Girl top coat. My thumb nail is my first full glitter nail, and I think it's not that bad!

I'm in love with the flakies... very autumnal... in Summer...

More glitter! MOAR GLITTER! *points down*


  1. These are awesome! I love the colors together, makes me miss Fall!

    1. *nods* very much autumn... in the middle of summer. Glad you like it!