Wednesday, 5 November 2014

52WPNMC - 3 Shades of Blue

Hi all!

Today I have my second mani for this week's 52WPNMC, featuring 3 shades of blue (and a silver). The blues are also different types of polishes, there's a creme, a shimmer (very subtle) and a holo fleck polish.

The blues:
  • Sally Hansen - 4860-33 Pacific Blue (old version)
  • Catrice - LE Hip Trip - C01 Blue Highway
  • L.A. Girl - 3D Effects - GNL306 Brilliant Blue
  • OPI - NL G30 Push and Shove

On all nails except my middle finger I started with two coats of Pacific Blue, the middle finger has two coats of Brilliant Blue. I top coated them with G&G HK Girl top coat and let it all dry thoroughly. I cut some triangle pieces of medical tape (Leukopor is the brand I have, but if you search for hypoallergenic paper tape you will find similar tapes from other brands) to stick onto my nails instead of ordinary tape. I read this tip on PiggieLuv's blog a while ago, she used it around her nails with a gradient here. It is a lot more pliable than painter's tape for example (also great for other messy techniques like splatter nails or watermarbles). But it also works to block a section on your nail as well, even if the tape is porous (for useage on skin), the polishes did not bleed through it. I did remove the pieces as soon as I was done adding the other polishes, so it did not have a lot of time on my nails. It removed easily, no residue and with straight lines. Because I felt something was missing, I freehanded some silver border stripes with a striping brush and Push and Shove. I top coated it all when it was dry.

I really like how my thumb turned out, especially the section with Brilliant Blue, love those holo flecks!

I wore these last Sunday (and Monday) for my mum's birthday dinner. Like a proper Dwarf we had dinner at De Pelgrim, Rotterdam's only brewery. They brew some great beers and ales, I really loved their Dubbelbok (autumn special beer), sweet and heavy at 9%. Nice place to visit if you're into real beer (not the tasteless pilsner stuff) and if you're in Rotterdam. Hubby and I also bought a bottle of Dubbelbok to come home with us for another time.

More domestic animals and blues down here!


  1. Awesome all blue manicure this is! Love the design.

  2. These turned out awesome! I love the silver accent - so wintry! :)

    1. Thanks, I think the silver makes the blues stand out more

  3. They're so pretty! I love the mixture of finishes.

    1. Thanks! It wasn't even intentional, just looked for a few blues that would go together nicely

  4. wow this looks so lovely!
    Keep on sharing these amazing posts with us <3