Monday, 3 November 2014

52WPNMC - Domestic Animals

Hi all!

This week our prompts are "Domestic Animals" and "3 shades of blue". I decided to do two mani's this weeks, one for each prompt. Today is my domestic animal mani. Those of you following me on IG will already know, but I won an amazing giveaway hosted by Ms. Sparkle, a Dutch indie brand. I got a lot of things, ranging from polishes, loose glitter and different nail art supplies (and there is more on the way as I also got to pick out a few Glitter Lambs and Krucial Cosmetics polishes). Today I'm showing two things I won, a nail charm and a polish.

Today's polishes:
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White
  • Ms. Sparkle - Post Apocalyptic Christmas (won in a giveaway)
  • Miss Sporty - Crush On You - 062 Cosmic Black
  • Miss Helen - 24
  • Catrice - 550 Marilyn & Me

The Ms. Sparkle polish I got is from the still to be released Christmas collection (you are getting a sneak peek!). It is a clear based glitter topper with small black squares, red circles, silver hexes, gold and silver leopard glitters and white snowmen.

My middle and ring finger got 2 coats of Cosmic Black, a lovely black and silver textured polish. I added a cat (my domestic animal) nail charm I won from the giveaway onto my ring fingernail with nail glue. My thumb and little fingernail have a white base (2 coats of Snow Me White) and two coats of Post Apocalyptic Christmas without the snowmen. The snowmen are quite big glitters and I didn't fish them out for this mani as I'm not ready for Christmas yet. Sinterklaas comes first! My index finger has a red base (2 coats of 24) and 2 coats of Marilyn. Then I added some black and silver crystals (also part of my giveaway win).

I did add top coat on my glitter nails, I like those leopard glitters, they're different and not too big.

This cat nail charm is the first nail charm I've used. I was curious how long it would last and if I can handle something so big stuck to my nail. It lasted a day, it fell off in the shower after getting caught in my shower puff. I kept getting it caught in my hair as well, so for me this is not something I'd wear all the time, but it's a bit of fun for special occasions.

More domestic animals or blue down here!


  1. cool nails! love all the different things goin on here!

  2. How fun! That cat charm is cute.

    1. Thanks, it would have been a better charm if it was a Siamese though ;)

  3. Amazing nail art, and love all ur polishes. Thanks for share these treasures

  4. What a cute nail charm, it looks lovely in this polish combination!

  5. Gorgeous manicure and I love the glitter topper <3

    1. Thanks! I love those leopard glitters and normally I'm not into different glitter :)