Friday, 14 November 2014

N.A.I.L. - November - Geometric

Hi all!

I've done several Geometric mani's in the past months, so it was a bit hard to come up with something. Until I just started... then this happened.

The purples:
  • Superficially Colorful Lacquer - Giggly
  • Catrice - 32 The Dark Knight

My base is the lovely Giggly, 2 easy coats. I took my thin striping brush and a very dark purple (The Dark Knight) and just started adding random stripes like it was broken glass. Then I decided to fill some pieces in and this mani was born. I rather like the result. Top coated with G&G HK Girl top coat.

I guess my hands were warmer than when I took my swatch photos, as the warm colour is more pink now.

Purple makes me happy, random nail art as well.

More Geometric nail art down here!