Monday, 10 November 2014

Swatch: Superficially Colorful Lacquer - Giggly, A summer's wave goodbye & Unbe-leaf-able

Hi all!

Today I'd like to show you some swatches of 3 amazing thermal polishes. A while ago I won store credit to Superficially Colorful Lacquer's store from the Digit-al Dozen second anniversary giveaway. Jin gave me a code I could use once she restocked. Unfortunately the restock took a bit longer than expected because her new bottles were delayed. She kindly let me know when she restocked and that she would be adding some new collections as well. I had an extremely difficult time choosing, because Jin makes so many gorgeous polishes! In the end I ended up choosing two thermals; Giggly and A summer's wave goodbye. Two? But I see three bottles up there? Yes, you are right. When I opened my box there were 3 carefully wrapped polishes inside. She added a letter explaining the polishes normally come in their own individual boxes, but due to a printing error she did not have them. Because she did not want me to wait any longer for my prize, she went ahead and sent them without their boxes but added Unbe-leaf-able. Isn't that sweet?

First off is Giggly, this purple thermal is from her original Mood Swings collection, and being a purple lover, I had to choose this polish. This is two easy coats, the polish dries rather quickly and with a satin finish. The cold state is a lovely purple with pink shimmer throughout. When the nail beds warm up (sometimes quite hard for mine this time of year *winks*) they turn into a pinkish purple, leaving the free nail edges darker purple. I think it is gorgeous. My hands would not stay warm enough to capture the complete warm state and I did not feel like messing around with hot water.

The second polish I chose is from one of her latest collections, In Autumn Mood, and is named A summer's wave goodbye. This thermal polish shifts from bright orange to bright yellow, like a lovely sunset. Again I'm showing two coats, this polish applied just as lovely as the first and dried as quickly. There are some soft yellow glitters added in the mix, not a while lot, but enough to make this a bit more interesting, especially when the glitters are on the tips of the nail.

Because I applied this last night and my hands would not get warm at all, I photographed the warm and intermediate stages early this morning. Getting out of bed my hands were all nice and toasty and my nails completely yellow! Once I was out a bit longer the tips turned orange. As you can see in the warm state there is some visible nail line, however this does not bother me. It does make me long for a bit warmer weather!

Last is Unbe-leaf-able, also part of the In Autumn Mood collection. The cold state is this vampy plum purple with an interesting mix of tiny shreds and glitters throughout. I didn't manage to get much glitter on my brush though, I only noticed after applying that most had sunk a bit, so I should have rolled the bottle to get them out to play. Like the other two, this applied lovely and dried quickly. It did not dry completely glossy but again with a satin finish, although a bit less than the others. When this polish warms up, you get this amazing hot pink! The colour shift is gorgeous.

All in all, I'm very happy with each of these, it's hard to choose a favourite, but I love my purples! Which one is your favourite? Let me know!




  1. These all look gorgeous! So sweet that she sent an extra bottle :) I love that about indie companies, they really make an effort for their customers :) I cannot believe how clear the shift from yellow to orange is! It just looks amazing!

    1. I love indies for that same reason! And I agree, those colour shifts are awesome :)

  2. These are some fun color changing polishes!

  3. Wow! The transitions are so dramatic! Love A Summer's Wave Goodbye especially x