Wednesday, 25 September 2013

33DC2013 Day 2 - Most used polish

Rather a difficult pick for today's 33 Day Challenge... my most used polish. It could be several, all Catrice. I picked Catrice Heavy Metallilac because I love the colour and have worn it numerous times. And it is the exact colour of my corset. I actually wore this manicure well over a week ago when I went to Elfia in Arcen.

The polishes I used:
  • Catrice - 800 Heavy Metallilac
  • Essence - 144 Black Is Back
  • Essence - 002 Stamp Me! Black

I also used 2 stamping plates by Gals, GA30 and GA31:


I started with a base of Heavy Metallilac and Black Is Back. Two coats of each polish and top coat. Please excuse the bottle... I've had it for a while and the label doesn't look that crisp anymore.

To show you how perfect Heavy Metallilac fits my corset I used it as a background. It is exactly the same colour. I just love it. Black Is Back with top coat is just as shiny as the faux shiny leather as well (it was shiny without top coat too btw).

Then I started stamping some swirly patterns. Of course I used Essence Stamp Me! Black for stamping. On my middle finger I used the pattern from GA30 and added two small black studs. On my index finger and pinky I used the most right pattern from GA31 and covered those two nails completely.

 My black nails were studded... lots. I used 2 different sized silver round studs in a random pattern. I sealed it in with top coat.

I absolutely loved this manicure, it was edgy and totally suited the occasion! I must use studs like this more often!


  1. Ah wow love this.... and you're right it's a perfect match! I admit I love anything purple but that colour is especially beautiful. X