Monday, 2 September 2013

Claire's Crackle

Last week my best friend came back from holiday and she bought 5 Claire's polishes for me, because she is awesome. And I might have made her a nail polish addict as well *tries to look innocent*. I decided  to show you the first 3 in a quick lazy manicure. The colours actually match a top I'm wearing as I type this.

From left to right:

  • Claire's - 115
  • Claire's - 283
  • Claire's - Crackle 147

I hope I listed the numbers correctly, they were a bit hard to find on the bottle. Sadly no names. These are my first Claire's polishes, I don't go to Claire's stores much, even if we have one in the city I live in. The lilac and green polishes were € 2,95 originally, the crackle was € 4,95. Not super cheap for a 9ml bottle compared to Catrice and Essence polishes *winks*. Of course my best friend snagged these for much less, us Dutchies do like a bargain *chuckles*.

I did 2 coats of the green and lilac polish before adding the crackle. The brush is small and so is the cap. I prefer longer caps as they are easier to work with. I added one coat of the crackle polish on my thumb and pinky. The other nails got a sort of frenchie. The crackle is black with silver micro glitter and dries very matte. I added top coat to even it all out and add shine. The silver micro glitter looks much better with a glossy finish.

The green polish is a nice creme, I do have a lot of nice greens, but this one is lighter than Catrice's Miss Piggy's BF. The lilac polish has a very subtle shimmer to it, too subtle to really notice on the nail though.

The green and lilac polishes are "chip resistant"... *coughs*. I did have some minor chipping when I took these pictures after roughly 18 hours of wearing them. Not very resistant at all. Not that I wear my manicures for very long, 2 days is normal for me.

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