Wednesday, 11 September 2013

P2 Sand Style - Confidential

Be prepared for textured polish posts for the next week or so... I love them *winks*. Today I've got one of P2's textured polishes for you from their Sand Style collection: 050 Confidential. It's a dark blue textured polish with lots and lots of microglitter.

As you can see it is glitter galore in that bottle, there is purple, gold-greenish ones and I suspect some holographic ones. It's raining here right now, so no sunshine to really test it.

Top two pictures are taken in indirect light, it looks pretty, but the magic happens in direct light as you can see in the pictures below. I am wearing 2 coats, no top coat obviously.

Isn't splendid? I love the sparkle and think this is a very nice late autumn / winter colour. There's not much to tell about this polish, just admire the pictures *winks*. What I like about these kind of polishes is that it is super easy to touch up if you have chipped tips, it is barely noticeble!

Because I'm in the textured flow, I'll show you more of the other Essence/KIKO/P2 textured polishes I own soon!

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