Saturday, 7 September 2013

Essence Sparkle Sand Effect - Hey, Nude!

I love textured nail polish. I have a bunch from P2 and KIKO, but now Essence has come out with 3 textured polishes as well. They are called sparkle sand effect, because they are not just textured, but have glitter as well. My local Kruidvat only has the small Essence collection, which has the red sparkle sand polish named Me & My Lover. I already own two red textured polishes, a plain red one (KIKO 632 True Red) and one with pink and gold glitter (P2 040 illegal). Essence's Me & My Lover is too similar to P2's illegal for me to justify getting it. I was in a large Kruidvat with the extended Essence collection yesterday and I had to get the other two sparkle sand effect polishes, 163 Hey, Nude! and 165 Here's My Number. Today I'll be showing one of them.

This is 163 Hey, Nude!, which is a nude textured polish. It contains silver shimmer and micro silver hexagon glitters.

It is delicate and sheer, I love it. I am wearing 3 coats with no top coat. There is still visible nail line, but it does not bother me. I love how subtle this is, yet sparkly. I think this will be a great polish for a bride on her wedding day if she does not want her nails to stand out too much. Because this is so sheer you can always layer it over something else. I have layered one coat over NYC Lavender Cupcake on a swatch stick to show you. It transforms the entire polish, the lavender goes slightly more pink, but it does look lovely.

Some more pictures of just Hey, Nude! on it's own because it is lovely that way too. If you prefer a smooth surface, you can top coat this. It will remain sparkly, but I think it might need two coats of top coat to make it completely smooth.

I'm happy with this polish, it's absolutely worth the money. Essence colour & go range goes for € 1,69 over here, you can get them cheaper in Germany though. Essence is available in most European countries and a few outside of Europe as well, check here for the complete distribution list.

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