Friday, 26 July 2013

Berlin shop log

I'm back from sunny and warm Berlin. It's nice to be home again! I did splurge on nail polish... which means I have lots of goodies to show you. I visited the dm (drogerie markt) to get my hands on some P2 polishes. Actually I visited several... because I wanted the complete Sand style collection, there are dm's all over Berlin, so that was actually very easy. Of course the last dm I entered had the entire collection complete... Figures. All the sand style polishes were € 1,95.

From left to right:
  • P2 sand style - 010 adorable
  • P2 sand style - 020 lovesome
  • P2 sand style - 030 seductive

From left to right:
  • P2 sand style - 040 illegal
  • P2 sand style - 050 confidential
  • P2 sand style - 060 strict
I also got a holo top coat for € 1,75, it made me very curious. And some cuticle cream for € 2,95.

From left to right:
  • P2 Glamorous Finish - holo top coat 040 just fantastic!
  • P2 Apricot Cuticle Cream

What I also did was look at any limited editions they had around, sometimes discounted old LE's for Catrice and Essence. I did find a few I liked and I also picked up a bottle that will be discontinued soon half price. I paid € 2 each for the Catrice LE Matchpoint polishes.

From left to right:
  • Catrice LE Matchpoint - C03 Rockby
  • Catrice LE Matchpoint - C01 Team Lucky Mustards
  • Catrice - 34 Squeeze Me

Essence Limited Edition at the time was Tribal Summer, which won't be coming to The Netherlands as far as I know. I picked up the last 3 I could find for € 1,55 each. From left to right:
  • Essence LE Tribal Summer - 02 INTI INKA
  • Essence LE Tribal Summer - 01 WAKA-WAKA
  • Essence LE Tribal Summer - 04 TIPI YA YEAH

When I visited the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden (a mall) I nearly squealed when I noticed they had a KIKO shop! And best part was... most nail polishes were on sale for € 1,50 each! KIKO also has a texture finish range, called Sugar Mat. I got a couple of those (some colours were already sold out unfortunately) and some normal polishes as well. I tried to hold back... I could have bought their entire range of lovely colours. Unfortunately KIKO only gives numbers to their polishes, not names. These are my first KIKO polishes, we do not have a KIKO store here in The Netherlands. They do in other European countries, you can check where here.

The texture polishes with shimmer, from left to right:
  • KIKO - 644 Sea Blue
  • KIKO - 643 Spring Green
  • KIKO - 639 Golden Mandarin
  • KIKO - 645 Burgundy

Plain texture polishes, from left to right:
  • KIKO - 637 Turquoise
  • KIKO - 636 Mint
  • KIKO - 638 Taupe
  • KIKO - 632 True Red

Their standard range, from left to right:
  • KIKO - 343 Spring Green
  • KIKO - 388 Caribbean Green
  • KIKO - 300 Pearly Malachite Green
  • KIKO - 378 Light Plum
  • KIKO - 331 Violet

I also bought a few eye pencils in shades I did not have yet.

Two P2 ones:
  • P2 perfect look kajal - 100 green
  • P2 perfect look kajal - 130 lavender

And two KIKO ones:
  • KIKO smart eye pencil 813 Aquamarine
  • KIKO smart eye pencil 804 Mauve

I did wear some of the textured polishes while I was in Berlin, the texture is very fine and does not annoy me at all. After I got home (which a huge delay due to a delayed train and a missed connection) I quickly put on some colour before I had to dash off again for family visits. I only got round to taking pictures today, after 2 days of wearing. So here's a quick peek:

This is KIKO 300, 2 coats with top coat. I wore this as accent nails on my ring finger and thumb.

The textured KIKO 637, 2 coats, no top coat.

And because I was curious I quickly added the P2 holo top coat, picture shows with 1 coat in sunlight.

And with 2 coats. It is more a holo glitter top coat and it gives a scattered holo effect. It is nice, but I still want a few good linear holographic polishes to satisfy my holo hunger.


  1. You should try and find a spectraflair top coat. I have one from indie brand Indigo Bananas from the US (i'm in uk) and it adds a linear holo to any colour. And there's different grades depending on how you like your holo. It's great if you don't have loads of money to splash on loads of holo polishes.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I know the indie brand Digital Nails has one as well, it's sold out at the moment though. I sure wish my wallet was bigger *winks* I would buy so many indies...