Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Catrice - Mint Me Up

Today I have a mint green from Catrice to show you. I have bought this nail polish a while ago, but never worn it. Shame on me! It was about time it got some love. I decided to also show you the Essence Studio Nails Nail Polish Corrector Pen, quite a mouthful! This "pen"is for cleaning up around the nails.

The corrector pen has the cleaning tip on one end, and a few spares on the other. There are 3 spare tips in total, the clear cap comes off very easily.

Now onto Mint Me Up! I used the following polishes:

  • Catrice - 36 Mint Me Up
  • Essence better than gel nails top sealer fast dry
This mint green has a lovely shimmer, which comes out splendid in the sun. I'll show you a picture at the end. First the before clean up pic. However hard I try not to get nailpolish around my cuticles or sides of my nail, it still happens. I applied 2 coats of Mint Me Up and one coat of top coat.

I used the corrector pen to clean up. It is not as precise as a brush and acetone, but it works well. It is much more precise than a cotton bud. The nail polish does stain the tip of the corrector pen, I try to wipe it off on a tissue as well as I can. But it will look like this after a couple of uses:

The tip also frays a bit, you can use small scissors to cut those off. The colour in the tip does not stain your skin if you keep wiping the nail polish you remove on a tissue. After cleaning up it all looks like this:

I have only used the corrector pen for cleaning up. I do like this colour, and in the sun it looks even better! The fine gold shimmer is not that visible indoors, but it sure is outside in the sun!

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