Monday, 22 July 2013

Catrice - Orange-Utan & Fred Said Red

I am currently in Berlin, so this post was scheduled beforehand.

In my shoplog I showed you that I had bought Catrice's Orange-Utan. A lovely orange creme. I didn't have an orange polish yet, shame on me! It should be a staple colour being Dutch *winks*.
I do have Fred Said Red, which is an orangy red creme, or a reddish orange creme, whichever you prefer. To me it is more orange, so the name is not that fitting in my opinion.

From left to right:
  • Catrice - 04 Orange-Utan
  • Catrice - 690/19 Fred Said Red
My Fred Said Red is from the old collection (690), but this is one of the colours that is still available and has a new 2 digit number (19).

As you can see this time my camera played nice and showed the colours properly. Both colours go well together, could be nice in a gradient with a yellow and a real red.

Both polishes go on lovely, I'm wearing 3 coats in all pictures. I do love simple cremes, they are perfect for nail art. I am wearing Fred Said Red on my index and ring finger, and Orange-Utan on my middle finger and pinky.

I didn't leave my nails looking like this, I used this as a base for nail art. I'll show you what I did in my next post!

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