Thursday, 4 July 2013

Indies and studs

When I seriously started to follow nail blogs I stumbled upon Indie nail polishes. It was love at first sight. I do not own many yet, but the most Indies I have are from Jindie Nails. There is something about the colour and glitter combinations she does that makes me want to have them all.

My past manicures were a few of her polishes combined with nail studs. I ordered a few different nail studs through eBay which were delivered last Saturday. I had to try them out of course. I ordered the Jindie Nails polishes through her website a while ago when she had opened it up for international orders.

Bottle shots first, aren't they gorgeous?

The first one is rather simple, I had been wearing Taste like snozberries for a day already when the studs came in the mail. Disregard the dry skin, I should remember to use a hand cream *before* taking pictures. Just added a round stud to my thumb and ring finger. That is 3 coats of polish, absolutely filled with glitter.

 Polishes & things I used are:
  • Jindie Nails - Taste like snozberries
  • Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat
  • 3 mm round aluminium studs

Next up is the mani I did with I'm a star dot com, I love star glitters. I used 3 coats, no white base. Besides the black stars there are whitish stars in there as well, bit harder to see though. I also loved the grey accent nails, it was very opaque. The star studs are more difficult to place, I will try and bend the points down next time so they curve around the nail.

Polishes & things:
  • Jindie Nails - I'm a star dot com
  • NYC - 003 Prey of Grey
  • Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat
  • 5mm star aluminium studs
Now the look I am still wearing. On my right hand I used a yellow neon polish for my ring finger and the blue for my thumb. All nails have a white base and then 2 coats of polish. The blue is not very neon, but it does match the blue circles in Live out loud rather well.

Polishes & things:
  • White base
  • Jindie Nails - Live out loud
  • Blue and green neons from Action (they came in a set of 6, no names or numbers)
  • Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat
  • 3mm round aluminium studs 
 I am already thinking about what to wear next, but it will have to wait until after work tomorrow!

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