Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Catrice - Caught On The Red Carpet & Robert's Red Ford

Today I have two reds to show you. I bought one a few months ago, the other last week. I wanted to show you the difference between the two. For some reason the camera has difficulty picking up the differences. I had to adjust the pictures to make them appear more like they do in real life. And the colours still are not accurate. The top picture was taken outside in sunlight and is more true to the actual colours than the pictures below.

Two Catrice Reds, the darker ones. Catrice has a more brighter red in the current collection as well, 18 Bloody Mary To Go, but I do not own that one. We have 17 Caught On The Red Carpet on the left and 25 Robert's Red Ford (loving that name!) on the right. Caught On The Red Carpet is a true red in my eyes, but slightly darker. This kind of red is more sophisticated. Robert's Red Ford has a slight brownish tone to it. So a more muddy type of red.

 In the pictures I am wearing them both:
  • index finger - Caught On The Red Carpet
  • middle finger - Robert's Red Ford
  • ring finger - Caught On The Red Carpet
  • pinky - Robert's Red Ford
Caught On The Red Carpet needed 3 coats, Robert's Red Ford 2 to 3, depending on the nail. On my pinky I used 2, but on my middle finger I did 3.

This is the last post before my trip to Berlin (I leave tomorrow!). I do have a few posts scheduled during my time away though, every other day. I hope to score some lovely polishes while I am in Berlin, so there will be a shoplog when I return!

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