Monday, 29 July 2013

Purple sand

Hi all!

This weekend I was playing around with some of my new polishes. I wore a "try-out" mani Saturday, but changed it yesterday to what I will be showing you today.

First, the polishes I settled on in the end are:

From left to right:
  • KIKO - 378 (light plum)
  • KIKO - 331 (violet)
  • P2 - Sand style 060 strict

I found the names of the polishes on KIKO's website, they are not mentioned on the bottles though. I do love both colours, I am a purple loving girl. I have a lot of very dark purples, but I do lack some lighter coloured purple cremes, so these two were a welcome addition to my stash.

I am wearing 2 coats of 378 (light plum) on my middle finger and ring finger. The name description is spot on, it is a lovely plum purple. The formula is lovely, it dries quickly. Ignore the bump on my ring finger, I managed to bump my base coat before it was completely dry.

On my index finger and pinky I am wearing 2 coats of 331 (violet). On my pinky I could have gotten away with 1 coat to be honest.

I did a gradient with P2 060 strict, the sand style polish. This one is packed with glitter as you can see. It is also very dense, doing the gradient was not easy and I perhaps should have diluted it a bit with a clear polish. I am not certain on the colour, it is not grey, it is not lilac, but somewhere in between. It goes very well with the purple shades, but I am curious how the colour will be if I'd paired it with black for example.

I am wearing just one coat of P2 060 strict on my thumb. Yes, it is that opaque. The texture looks rougher than it actually was. It felt smooth, not at all like the sand paper surface it appears to mimic. I am not wearing any top coat in order to keep the texture of the polish.

Removing was a bit more work because of all the glitter. Creme texture polishes are easier to remove than this one. Drenching a cotton pad in acetone (or nail polish remover if you prefer) and keeping it on your nails for a few minutes does help. All in all I enjoyed wearing this.

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