Sunday, 14 July 2013

La Femme Beauty - Neons

I swatched the La Femme Beauty neons I bought recently. All of them were very sheer, so I recommend layering them over white. All my swatches are with a base coat (Essence 24/7 nail base), nothing more.

As a reminder:
  • Ultra Blue 127
  • Ultra Yellow 128
  • Ultra Green 129
  • Ultra Pink 132
First up is the Ultra Blue, I have made a comparison between 1 and 3 coats to show you how sheer these polishes are.

The brush is simple and narrow, I prefer the wider Catrice brushes. You can see it remains streaky even with 3 coats.

Next is Ultra Yellow, it is equally sheer and streaky. Photos are with 3 coats.

Third is Ultra Green, I used 4 coats for the pictures and top coat. Top coat disguises the streakiness a bit.

Last we have Ultra Pink. Pictures are with 3 coats, no top coat.

I thought adding some dots to the yellow might look nice. I was wrong. It might look good on a white base though, I might try that sometime.

These polishes do smell more than my other polishes, which is a bit annoying. I swatched these in a different order, a few days apart even. I did yellow last and after a corner of the nail on my middle finger broke. It was on the verge of breaking for days, but I managed to postpone the break for at least 5 days. I shortened all the nails on my left hand after the corner broke off, it was getting rather long anyway.

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