Saturday, 31 August 2013

Turquoise studs

Last week I got another small envelope from Hong Kong containing the coloured round studs I ordered on eBay. I had to use them right away obviously. I decided to go with the sky blue ones first, I'm sure you'll see the others soon enough. I bought hot pink, apple green, purple and sky blue ones from this seller. They are 2mm in size and come in small bags of 400 pieces. From dispatch to delivery on my doorstep took 2 weeks, which is rather quick. I've ordered from this seller before with an equal delivery time.

I only used two polishes, HEMA white and KIKO Sugar Mat 637 Turquoise. I used HK Girl top coat as well. Pictures were taken in the late evening sun.

I needed 3 coats of white to get even coverage. I added HK Girl top coat and when it was dry I placed striping tape on my index finger, ring finger and pinky. I carefully dabbed KIKO Turquoise on the sides. I did 2 coats on my middle finger.

To place the studs I top coated only the center section and placed them with tweezers. I top coated it again to seal them in. The colour on the studs did not bleed from the top coat at all. I did not put top coat on the textured KIKO Turquoise.

To place the studs on my thumb I needed to dab a bit of top coat on my nail several times, HK Girl top coat dries very fast. I started with the 3 studs down the centre, then added the others on the side. I again sealed them in with top coat.

Bonus picture of one of our gorgeous white Butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii) flower panicles. It is in full bloom at the moment attracting mostly Small Tortoiseshell butterflies (Aglais urticae).


  1. Love the nail art......and the flowers are gorgeous.

  2. :) Thanks! Autumn has started here now, the butterfly bush is pretty much done with blooming unfortunately