Sunday, 8 December 2013

33 Day Challenge - Round-up

Hi all!

After 11 weeks the 33 Day Challenge has ended. This was my first challenge ever and I'm happy I did it. Even happier I managed to finish it as well! I have tried techniques I haven't before, met awesome other ladies and admired everyone's work. It's hard to choose a favourite of my 33 mani's. There are several I am very happy with. If I had to pick five, I'd say Day 1 - Dots, Day 15 - animals, Day 18 - 2 patterns, Day 20 - wardrobe and Day 22 - gradient + pattern.

Below you can find all 33 mani's, click on any of them to open the original post!

I hope you've enjoyed them all! Which one is your favourite?

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