Wednesday, 4 December 2013

33DC2013 Day 32 - Shapes

Can you believe it is the 32nd day of the 33 Day Challenge? This means just one more post on Friday and it is done... I haven't thought about what I will do after... I might need rehab. But first today's challenge, even if it is later than normal. I did edit the photos yesterday but ran out of time to write the post, so here it is.

Shapes... I went with a simple design, but I really like the result. I started with my ILNP Absolute Zero base that I wore for a day on it's own. I thought about stamping, but decided to freehand instead. I need the practice!

I drew the shapes with my Barry M nail art pen in silver. On my thumb we have paralellograms, then on my index finger circles. My middle finger is sporting triangles, my ring finger squares and finally on my pinky I have ellipses.

It is Wednesday evening... I haven't got a clue what I will do for the last 33DC day... plus I am still wearing Monday's mani (this one I wore in the weekend), which is still holding up nicely, no chips and only a teensy bit of tip wear. Seems a shame to take it off...