Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Striped candy

Hi all!

Merry Christmas to you all! Short post today, there's not enough time in this week with work and family obligations. After I swatched Groupie At Heart, I had to turn it into candy... it's the pinkness. Pinkness that did not photograph well... not even after adding white. At least I tried!

I am wearing 2-3 coats of Groupie At Heart, which you can see on it's own here. I took my trusty Barry M nail art pen in white to draw the stripes. I could have gone for tape to get cleaner lines, but I wanted to practice lines with the pen instead. I don't think they came out that bad either. I'm not that happy with the candy cane, it looks crooked and the stripes are not as I imagined they'd be.

This mani is the closest I have been to a candy cane in years, I do not like super sweet candy. I am a chocolate kind of girl. I hope you enjoy the rest of this holiday season! And candy canes if you're into those *winks*