Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Tag

Hi all!

A non-polish related post today. Over at Polished Tickles and Beauty and Madness Nails I saw this Christmas Tag post and though it would be fun to join in. Plus I love the banner... it has snowflakes!

Do you prefer a real tree or synthetic?
I love the scent of a real tree, but I prefer them in the woods where they belong. So I go for a synthetic tree. Plus the hubby's asthma and a real tree do not mix.

You’re in a coffee shop, it is December what do you pick?
Coffee shop means something totally different here in NL. I've never been in one and I am not going to. In winter I'd probably drink a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.

What is your favourite colour scheme to decorate the tree?
Our tree is blue and silver and I love it that way.

Giving or receiving?
Regarding presents, both, but we do not give presents at Christmas in my family.

To mince pie or not to?
Mince pies are an unknown food here, I have made mini ones once (Nigella Lawson recipe) and they were nice.

Christmas Day fashion?
Something festive.

Favourite Christmas song?
Do I have to choose? 2000 miles by The Pretenders is a golden oldie. But I will go for The Darkness with Christmas Time.

Favourite Christmas film?
Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas, but Gremlins is fun too.

Presents before or after lunch?
No presents. We give presents at Sinterklaas.

What are your favourite holiday treats?*
Home-made cranberry sauce. Delicious and very easy to make.

Favourite holiday crafts?*
None, I don't have time to do crafting.

When do you celebrate Christmas?*
Both on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, usually spend time with one side of the family one day, and the other day with the other side of the family.

What do you usually eat for Christmas dinner?*
It changes each year to be honest. In past years we've had pork roulade with cranberry sauce, rabbit in alesauce, duck, or we've done "table-top cooking" with one of those party grill sets.

What are some of your favourite Christmas memories? 
Christmas 1999 in Adelaide Australia, it was not that warm as expected (20°C), and I cooked rabbit in alesauce without the rabbit. I used a fillet of pork instead. At that time you could not get any rabbit meat in Adelaide. Rabbits are considered a huge pest in Australia, in the past century they have caused indigenous species to go extinct and soil erosion amongst other things.

That's it! I have to do some photo editing for my next post, I have some mani's that need to appear on this blog still. Feel free to join in and do this Christmas Tag post as well!


  1. I loved reading this! It is so interesting to read the traditions and of other families and other countries! Awesome post