Saturday, 21 December 2013

Nail Art Ideas Linkup - December - Winter Solstice

This is my third N.A.I.L. mani already! This weeks theme is Winter Solstice, which is when we have the shortest day (and longest night) in December (usually on 21st... which is why I deliberately post this today...). What better to do as nail art than Winter Solstice itself? Well, inspired by an image of a Winter Solstice that is. Doesn't it look awesome?

A long list of polishes, from left to right:
  • Barry M - Nail art pen white
  • Essence - Beauty Beats LE - 03 As long as you love me
  • Catrice - NEONaturals LE - C05 Have A Good Day
  • NYC - 032 Blanco
  • NYC - 034 Giallo
  • Catrice - 865 Yellow Sub-Mandarin

Except for the nail art pen, these are all shimmers. I thought it would be fitting. First a pic that is slightly blurry, I know it is, but it does show the shimmer in "As long as you love me" so very very well. It has a lovely shimmer, sometimes more silvery, sometimes more gold, depending how the light catches it. This is two coats, nice formula, just lovely.

I used a tiny piece of sponge and tweezers to dab the different colours on, from dark grey, to light grey to white to pastel yellow, it is very subtle, but I did use all those colours. With a nail art brush I painted a sun with Giallo and then added the soft orange corona with Yellow Sub-Mandarin. I'm very happy how that worked out myself. The crescent moon was simply painted on with the Barry M nail art pen.

All this dabbing with colours reminds me that I have yet to try galaxy nails... this is a start *winks*.

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  1. Cool! Almost looks like magnetic nail polish ....

    1. Thanks! Dabbing with sponges is easy, easier than magnetic polish (for some reason the magnets are differently curved than most nails making it harder to get your entire nail patterned)