Monday, 2 December 2013

33DC2013 Day 31 - artwork featuring your 3 favourite polishes

Favourite polishes... I love them all! I actually cannot choose. So I went with 3 favourite types... holographic, textured and glitter. Does that count? I did stick to one colour scheme... dark grey.

Polishes I used:
  • Revlon Moon Candy - Milky Way
  • Essence sparkle sand - 165 Here's my number
  • ILNP - A.C. Slater
  • Jindie Nails - Guns & Roses
I started with a base of the dark grey in the Milky Way duo. As you can see in the bottle I did not manage to get it to blend into one colour, which is a shame. It went streaky on the nail as well. Next I just dabbed a "gradient" onto each nail with the different polishes. I was lazy and did not use a sponge.

Guns & Roses is the only Jindie nails mini I have (no normal size in stock when I bought it), I really dislike this bottle, it is just too wide and short. It has a tiny brush as well. Good thing she now uses tall slim mini bottles. I don't have one of those (yet), so I don't know how they compare to the normal sized bottles. Guns & Roses is a grey jelly with lots of pink hexes and microglitter. It does need several coats on it's own, but here I just dabbed two on my middle finger to get more glitter.


On my index I dabbed some A.C. Slater and on my ring finger Here's my number. Here's my number has holographic glitter too, though it does not show in the pictures very well.

My thumb and pinky got some dabs of the holographic glitter shreds from Milky Way, they were easy enough to come out of the bottle.

I wonder if the others actually chose 3 favourites... it is just too hard to choose. Or perhaps they cheated like I did?


  1. Hello there. I came through Will Paint Nails For Food's Blogger's Bootcamp and I hope you'll find my input useful.

    I like the layout and the overall look of your blog. It is clean and calm and very easy to navigate. What I don't like is the background you use for your photos. It is too bright, too jarring. I'd go for something neutral, calmer. The green shade that prevails on your blog would look suitable to me. Also pay attention to the position of your nails on the shots where you hold the bottle. In many of those photos not all of your nails are in focus or even fully visible. Play with different positions. I'm sure you'll find at least one where all of your nails are visible and in focus.

    I hope you'll find my opinion helpful and I wish you successful blogging.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I had originally wanted a white background for my photos, but I got this little foldable lightbox that came with the blue background. I haven't got round to getting a new one, perhaps I should look into it *winks*. Just as getting a new lamp (word of advice: do not drop your lights and break them as white-light (5000K or higher) halogen bulbs are near impossible to get for a reasonable price).