Thursday, 2 October 2014

31DC 2.0 - Animal

Hi all!

I used yesterday's gradient for today's animal prompt mani! I went with a simple mini leopard... not very original, but I like it! The queen of mini leopard is Lou of Tips and Topcoat! Hers are flawless!

Today's polishes:
  • KIKO - Sugar Mat - 643 Spring Green
  • Essence - LE Superheroes - 02 The Incredible
  • W7 - 28 Black

I had my textured gradient base from yesterday, and I grabbed my smallest dotting tool and a black polish to add mini leopard spots. No top coat obviously.

Doing all the mini leopard spots is a bit of work, but I think it looks really nice.

I'm really happy with these colours and my leopard print, it's cute! I'll be back on Saturday with a splatter mani for N.A.I.L.... it will be messy...

Love, Brethil