Monday, 13 October 2014

31DC 2.0 - Geometric

Hi all!

For today's 31DC 2.0 Geometric I've got a bit of a nail fail for you. In the execution part, as I do like the idea. I won some Scratch nail wraps from an Instagram giveaway by Natalie @nailz_craze a while ago. I haven't used nail wraps before, and perhaps that was part of the problem... my mani did not turn out like I planned. Anyway, this blog is not about perfection, so you get to see the "fails" as well.

  • Scratch - LE Prismatic nail wraps
  • NYC - 038 Blue.Lita

The idea was to have two completely covered nails and cut up bits and pieces to stick on top of Blue.Lita. The nail wraps are very flexible and sticky and I probably wasn't careful enough. Like the instructions said, I stretched them a bit to fit over my nails. It looked absolutely fine, my ring finger is not as smooth because I'm still wearing a patch on it (to repair this incident here). Then I added my top coat, G&G HK Girl top coat. That's where it went wrong. For some reason the top coat reacted with the nail wrap and it tore. Most likely in a spot that was stretched a bit (although before top coat there was no visual tear). I swear they looked fine before I added the top coat, I was so happy I managed to apply them the first go...

There is one larger tear on my ring finger, quite obvious. It's worse on my thumb, I did stretch this one more than the other one. I have no idea if this is the combination of stretching and my particular top coat, but it really bummed me out. Also, the stretching did change the straight lines of the pattern a bit.

There you have it, I can't be bothered to change the nails and add new wraps, but I really like the idea if you disregard the stupid tears. Have you used nail wraps before? Any tips for a noob like me?

Love, Brethil


  1. I like how colorful these are but bummer about the tears.

    1. Yeah, that bummed me out big time, the colours are so vibrant and fun! Better luck next time I guess

  2. These nails still look really cool! It was a lovely idea!

    1. Thanks, I will use them again and be more careful ;)