Saturday, 11 October 2014

N.A.I.L. - October - Textured

Hi all!

The prompt textured comes up in a lot of challenges, and instead of doing something fancy or crazy, I went with simple. And some pretty P2 Sand Style polishes...

Today's polishes:
  • W7 - 28 Black
  • P2 - Sand Style - 050 confidential
  • P2 - Sand Style - 030 seductive
  • P2 - Sand Style - 060 strict

I started with a black base, then mattified it. Then I added stripes with hearts with each of the textured polishes. Simple as that.

I love P2's textured polishes, they are so sparkly. I wish that I lived closer to Germany (and that I wasn't on a no-buy). I'd probably buy all their textureds if I could.

Another example of "simple can be good too". And I like the matte versus the sparkly texture as well. What do you think of this combo?

More textures down here!


  1. These are cute! The texture design really pops off the black.

    1. Thanks, I think having the black matte does help making the hearts pop

  2. aaah c'est très très sympa cet assortiment de mat et de paillettes, bravo !