Monday, 6 October 2014

31DC 2.0 - Flowers

Hi all!

Today we do flowers, I wasn't very inspired, so I went with roses. Textured roses. Also, I thought I had already written this post, but apparently I left it semi-finished in my Drafts folder... so I'll keep this short.

The sugars:
  • KIKO - Sugar Mat - 643 Spring Green
  • KIKO - Sugar Mat - 645 Burgundy
  • KIKO - Sugar Mat - 639 Golden Mandarin
  • W7 - 28 Black

Because I don't own a black textured polish, I added a coat of black on top of a textured polish. It didn't turn out completely textured, just somewhere in between smooth and textured. Using my KIKO's and a nail art brush I added some roses, no top coat.

 I didn't manage to get a completely in focus shot of my thumb unfortunately *pouts*

Personally, I feel it shows I wasn't that inspired, I like this mani, I just don't love it. What do you think?

Love, Brethil


  1. The texture flowers turned out great. I haven't used my texture polishes in a nail art design but I'll have to give it a try.

    1. You should, it gives a lot of different possibilities!

  2. Ik vind het superleuk! Die textuur geeft het echt iets extra's.

  3. The green polish is my absolute favorite one and your nail art looks fantastic made with these colors!

  4. I like the flowers, but that green texture... oh, it's is gorgeous!