Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Birthday Haul!

Hi all,

Last week was my birthday which I let go by silently on my blog *winks*. But I did get some nail polish and bought some nail polish from a gift card and cash I got. I spent it well! I also got a couple of cd's and bought a few more, but this is a nail polish blog so I am sticking to the polish related stuff here. First you get the big overview, don't worry, I will show them up closer as well!

Seems a lot eh? Let's take a closer look!

From left to right:
  • BlackStar Nail Polish - BO43 (lavender)
  • BlackStar Nail Polish - BO54 (dark mustard)
  • Yes Love - Matte - 2 (dusty plum)
  • Yes Love - Matte - 10 (coral pink)
  • Yes Love - Matte - 5 (silver)

Alas, no names. I got these as a gift from my best friend who knows I have a lot of nail polish, but not these. The Yes Love polishes are matte, am curious to see how they look.

This lot was a gift from my coworkers:
  • Essence - Superheroes LE - 02 The Incredible
  • Essence - Superheroes LE - 03 Power Girl
  • Essence - Superheroes LE - 04 Super, Man!
  • Essence - Superheroes LE - 05 Wonder Wow! Man!
  • Essence - Superheroes LE - 01 Super, Man! (holo glitter)
  • Essence - Superheroes LE - 02 Fantastic Girl (pink diamond glitter)
  • Essence - Superheroes LE - 03 The Incredible (blue glitter mix)

I have already used some of these, like you can see in my geometric mani here.

With a Kruidvat gift card and some cash I got some more polishes:
  • Catrice - 16 George Blueney
  • Catrice - 35 Petrolpolitan
  • Catrice - 37 The Effect Maker
  • Catrice - 23 The Monkey Gets Funky

These 4 polishes will be retiring from Catrice's core collection next month or so, they were now half-price! I didn't have these, so I grabbed them while it's still possible! These are not the only ones that are being retired, but I either already had the others or did not particularly want them. You can view the entire discontinued list here. While I was at it I also bought the purple Catrice smokey eyes eyeshadow palette. I had my eye on that one for a while *winks*.

I bought more:
  • NYC - 041 Live Hard
  • NYC - 261 Red Me The News
  • Essence - Magnetics - 12 Majestic green
  • Essence - Magnetics - 09 Magic red carpet

I decided I need more red polishes, the NYC polishes I have are lovely, so decided to give these a try. The Essence magnetic polishes were half price as well, also because Essence is changing their core collection and these are leaving us. I hope they stamp well.

More Essences, again these are being removed from the core collection soon and were half-priced:
  • Essence - 159 The green & the grunge
  • Essence - 133 Oh my glitter!
  • Essence - 161 Ciao oliviero
  • Essence - 166 Mister rusty
I wanted a few more, but there weren't many left in the Kruidvat I went to *looks sad*. Not photographed are two Essence magnets (€1 each now) and a gold nail art set (some loose glitter and stuff, I already had the silver set).

And these beauties were bought by myself as a present to myself *grins*:
  • I Love Nail Polish - My private rainbow (L)
  • I Love Nail Polish - You're my boy blue
  • I Love Nail Polish - Amanda Hugginkiss
  • I Love Nail Polish - 1st And 15th

My private rainbow is a linear holographic top coat, the other polishes are also holos. I have not worn them yet, but my hands are itching to try them!

Any you'd like me to swatch? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd!
    Wat een hoop mooie lakjes zie ik. Die van I Love NP springen er toch wel uit.

    1. :) Dank je wel. de ILNP holos zijn super mooi, ik ben net You're my boy blue op mijn nagels aan het lakken, zucht, zo mooi!

  2. Happy belated Birthday!! Those I.L.N.P polishes look lovely!! (: