Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays - Fire!

The Tri Polish Challenge from last year has been changed into Tri Polish Tuesday. Besides posting on each Tuesday, some other rules have changed:
  • Three colours will be chosen for each month and you post up to four manis using those three colours, plus the allowed extra colours of black, white, silver, gold and glitter toppers.
  • The difference this year is that you don't have to stick to the same three polishes for the whole month, as long as you stick to the three chosen colours and allowed extras.
  • At least one mani must contain all three colours, while the others must contain as least two of the chosen colours.

For January the colours are red, orange and yellow! Let's look at the polishes I used for my first manicure.

From left to right we have:
  • Catrice - LE NEONaturals - C01 Little Miss Sunshine
  • Catrice - 04 Orange-Utan
  • Miss Helen - 125

And I also used MoYou London's Fairytale Collection plate 03. This time I used a different image of flames from the one I used in a previous post. I love these type of plates, lots of designs in one plate means lots of different options!

I started with a base of Little Miss Sunshine, 3 coats (ugh). I stamped with Orange Utan and the big flame image on top of it. I stamped a second time with the red polish to give the flames more depth. I should have stopped there. But I tried stamping a third time with Orange Utan, making most nails appear blurry. On my ring finger I didn't. I used Orange Utan and a small nail art brush to colour inside the red flames instead. I actually like this nail best. I should have done this for all the nails *nods*. Lesson learnt.

I do like the brightness of this mani, it stands out, in a good way *winks*. I am also slowly getting better at stamping. The fact that I have stamped in nearly all of my recent mani's might have something to do with it. I blame the MoYou plates.

Are you as curious as I am what the other ladies did with these 3 colours? Go check their mani's in the InLinkz below!


  1. These are stunning and you really did capture "fire" - it is hard to do with stamps! Great job!

    1. Thanks, MoYou made it easy for me with such a great image plate though ;)

  2. These are awesome! Your stamping looks great!!

  3. These are lovely - so bright and cheery!

    1. I think it's the yellow that does it, it screams cheery, especially in this time of year when we don't see our lovely yellow sun often enough